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Skype Sessions

Skype technology is free to download and it's easy to use.  This means we can talk face-to-face via the Internet.  It is essential, however, that your counselling session is in a private and safe space, so that you are free to speak about whatever you want without interruption.

Our sessions together will be private and confidential.  The exception to this is where there is harm to yourself, others, or children.  Case notes and records of sessions will be kept strictly confidential to which no-one else will have access, unless subpoened by a court of law.  Sessions will not be recorded without your permission.  However, if you wish to record a session or sessions please email your request.  Emails will not contain any session content or any other personal information other than booking information, invoice and contact details.   

Online counselling is not appropriate for everyone.  It is not appropriate if you are suicidal and in danger of harming yourself or others.  A few contact numbers are below which will be helpful in this situation.  If you suffer from psychosis or a mental health disorder then online counselling is not the best option for you and you will need to contact a registered psychologist or psychiatrist for help.  In the case of domestic violence please contact the helpline number below.   For individuals under 18 years of age please contact Kids Help Line.

I am a qualified and experienced clinical counsellor and I've worked with many different kinds of issues over the past twelve years.  To find out more about me please click on About in the top right hand corner. 


Click on Services to find out about payment options, making an appointment, contact details, informed consent and cancellation policy.  

Occasionally there can be disruptions to the Internet service due to technical or other problems.  If it's not possible to continue the session there will be either no charge for that session or 50% of the regular fee, depending on the how much of the session was achieved before disruption. 


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